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İnomera was established in 2008 with the aim of producing software products and developing projects at world standards. Over the years, it has contributed to significant projects for leading brands and has introduced products such as the interaction platform Netmera and SIMPL, widely used in the telecommunications sector.

Inomera has successfully developed Netmera, a customer interaction platform that currently reaches millions of users, for Mobile-First companies. Netmera can be considered as a customer interaction platform and an interaction enhancement platform. Another company within our group, Bestcloudfor.me, offers DevOps services as a consultancy and service company.
Operating as an R&D center, Inomera has maintained a continuous growth momentum since its inception. In 2014, it was recognized as one of the leading, dynamic, and rapidly growing technology companies in the Deloitte Technology Fast50 and Deloitte EMEA Fast 500 rankings. Inomera also made it to the Deloitte Technology Fast50 list in 2018 and 2019.

Company: İnomera
Utilized Solutions and Services: Virtualization, Hardware Operation, Network Operation, Storage Operation, Firewall-Security Operation, Backup Services
Sector: R&D, Information Technology
Country: Turkey

Inomera, with strong engineering expertise in Java and mobile technologies, as well as deep experience in the retail and telecommunications sectors, also develops ready-to-use e-commerce solutions. As a company that has experienced continuous growth since its establishment, when we began searching for a professional, technically knowledgeable, and hardware-rich integrator and IT service provider for investments in our IT infrastructure, our paths crossed with vMind. It was crucial for us to seamlessly address almost all of our infrastructure needs, such as virtualization and backup. Finding a company capable of achieving this in the industry, ensuring high-security standards, and completing the transition process without interrupting the services we provide to many leading customers in Turkey and worldwide was essential.

A structure has been formed where the virtual machines are our responsibility, while the underlying infrastructure belongs to vMind. Hardware operation, network operation, storage operation, firewall security operation, and backup services - all of these services are provided for us by vMind.

The team at vMind is very diverse, above all, they are experts in their field. When you work with them, you really know that you're working with someone who is an expert in that area. You're either talking to one of the authorities in Turkey who can solve that problem, or you're talking to the person most likely to solve it. They truly have a very competent team. In this sense, we feel comfortable, above all, we can say that. Working with a leading company that provides us with maximum security standards-compliant, uninterrupted, always up-to-date, and maximum support in real-time issues is the greatest benefit we have achieved.

First and foremost, we are believers in good engineering. We believe that its continuity will bring all kinds of commercial success, and vMind embodies such a structure. As Inomera, we believe in being honest and professional towards our customers, being able to empathize, and being sincere. vMind serves us with this perspective; honest, sincere, professional, and competent. There is a mutual satisfaction creating work structure. This brings about long-term collaboration. We believe that we will work with a competent team like vMind for many years to come.

Ahmet Başaran
General Manager / Co-founder


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