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Security Management

Security Management, one of the managed services offered by vMind, involves our expert team designing tailored security solutions directly aligned with your business strategies. Based on your preferred business model, it assists you in determining the ideal technical solutions and the current state of your security technologies, as well as planning for the future and identifying your priorities.

How Does vMind Security Management Work?

Our Security Management solution offers you the opportunity to identify the effective performance of your policies in various areas and potential weak points in your defense. It provides you with a more robust security solution that encompasses your entire ecosystem, including on-premises, local, and hybrid cloud solutions. In Privileged Account Access Control, it ensures private access control with configurations that allow accounts to perform their duties with the least privilege, while carefully monitoring network connections against potential threats such as RAT communications and SQL injection, thus detecting security vulnerabilities beforehand.

It offers strong encryption technology to secure your data both at rest and during transmission, thereby better protecting your sensitive information. By providing a detailed plan for data backup, storage, and recovery, it ensures your business continuity and helps you prepare for potential data losses.  To ensure top-level security, it integrates passwords with robust authentication tools, making your accounts more secure. It also provides two-factor authentication, an additional security layer to prevent unauthorized access to data. With Attack Detection and Prevention (MDR/XSOAR/IDS/IPS), it monitors abnormal activities on the network and automatically detects and blocks potential cyber-attacks, enabling proactive defense actions to be taken when necessary, thus enhancing the effectiveness of your security measures.

Some Advantages of vMind Security Management

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