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Disaster Recovery as a Service

With our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution, we provide strong assurance against potential disasters that businesses may encounter. This service aims to maximize business continuity and minimize data loss and business disruptions by effectively implementing predefined processes.

How Does Disaster Recovery as a Service Work?

With its unique resilience features against foreseeable or unforeseeable situations such as cyber-attacks, operational errors, earthquakes, floods, fires, accidents, PortvMind DRaaS ensures maximum continuity by maximizing precautions.

In addition to planning to return to normal as soon as possible in crisis moments, institutions that can benefit from the power of three different data centers with PortvMind's unique capabilities achieve strong resilience. Along with the effective DRaaS provided by PortvMind, managed services that can be requested in addition to crisis management expand the opportunities provided to institutions beyond just data storage and recovery. At the same time, companies can also benefit from PortvMind's expertise in disaster recovery in critical areas such as rapid response, effective management, communication, and adaptation if needed.

Disaster Recovery as a Service Preference and PortvMind Advantages

"The Right Destination for Your Customized Cloud Solutions, Transition to the Cloud with portvMind"

Proper preparations made against potential technical crises have the potential to propel organizations forward even on their worst days and help them successfully preserve their accumulations in all areas. PortvMind Disaster Recovery as a Service protects you against many foreseeable or unforeseeable risks and commits to fulfilling your tasks with as little disruption as possible.

Flexible Configuration Flexible Configuration
Reliable Data Protection Reliable Data Protection
Cost Efficiency Cost Efficiency
Continuous Monitoring and Testing Capability Continuous Monitoring and Testing Capability
Rapid Recovery Rapid Recovery

What do we do under Disaster Recovery as a Service?

  • 1-Detailed Workflow Analysis...
    Thorough analysis of workflows and data generation/storage procedures, meticulous creation of the most suitable replication rules for businesses.
  • 2-Replication Configuration...
    Establishment of replication rules tailored to the defined objectives.
  • 3-Regular Monitoring...
    Regular monitoring and reporting of replications.
  • 4-Proactive Reporting...
    Proactive monitoring of your disaster recovery flow 24/7 with the replication groups we prepare, reporting potential scenarios to take necessary regulatory measures.
  • 5-Planned and Unplanned DR Tests...
    Regular execution of disaster recovery tests and exercises closest to reality according to defined scenarios, detailed reporting of test results.
  • 6-We Determine Your Disaster Scenarios in Advance...
    We identify potential risks and analyze the impact of these risks on your workflows.

With portvMind DRaaS, you can free yourself from worries and experience the advantage of being continuously prepared as IT.

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