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Backup as a Service

portvMind Backup as a Service (BaaS) is a next-generation model where businesses can obtain their data backup processes in a cloud-based service format. With this solution, users primarily store copies of their data, such as servers and databases, securely in the cloud, providing protection against hardware failures, human errors, natural or man-made disasters, faults, and/or negligence that could lead to data loss.

How Does Backup as a Service (BaaS) Work?

Backup as a Service (BaaS), as a cloud service offered by portvMind, works on the principle of periodically backing up source data identified after analysis, checking the consistency of the backed-up data, and then transferring these consistent copies to an on-site or remote location, as a precaution. This entire process requires no manual intervention and ensures that continuously updated data is securely stored at all times.

In times of disasters or potential data loss, planned tests, and other moments of need, it serves as the safety net for your continuity. In the event of any risk or upon request, without any unplanned infrastructure investment or complex procedures, your data can be transferred from its securely preserved location to wherever you desire, with all the details intact. With our experienced team and our operation power certified with ISO information security and continuity, portvMind offers Backup as a Service solutions. We always stay one step ahead of our competitors in terms of access speed and system recovery time.

Choice of Backup as a Service and PortvMind Advantages

"The right destination for customized cloud solutions tailored to your needs, transition to the secure cloud with portvMind."

Automatic Backup Automatic Backup
Rapid Storage of Updated Data Rapid Storage of Updated Data
Fast and Effective Recovery Fast and Effective Recovery
Cost Savings and Flexibility Cost Savings and Flexibility
Compliance with Security Standards Compliance with Security Standards
Technology Updates and Business Continuity Technology Updates and Business Continuity
Scalability Scalability
Facilitating Backup Strategies Facilitating Backup Strategies
Reliable Data Protection Reliable Data Protection

What do we do within the scope of Backup as a Service?

  • 1-Data Backup and Storage...
    We securely backup our customers' data and store it in our cloud-based storage infrastructure. We regularly back up your data automatically at specified intervals.
  • 2-Data Recovery and Restoration...
    When needed, we can quickly and reliably restore our customers' data. We offer both full and selective data restoration services.
  • 3-Security and Compliance...
    To ensure data security, we adhere to industry standards and best practices. Additionally, we ensure that our customers comply with data protection regulations.
  • 4-Monitoring and Management...
    We regularly monitor and manage data backup and restoration processes. In case of any issues, we promptly intervene and provide solutions.
  • 5-Consultancy and Support...
    We provide consultancy on backup strategies, best practices, and data protection to our customers. Additionally, we offer technical support whenever they encounter any issues.

When choosing Backup as a Service for your data security, evaluating additional benefits and advantages such as encryption and protection against cyber attacks provided by PortvMind will be a critical step for your business.

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“With portvMind, we have been managing scenarios such as cloud transition, cloud management, backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity together for almost 5 years, while receiving support and consultancy services. We were able to smoothly and quickly complete our system transition according to the planned timelines. Whenever we encounter any issues, we can always receive prompt support and work as an effective and efficient IT team utilizing the human resources we use via vMind.“

We offer customized solutions to our customers by bringing together the necessary technology and services.

With vMind, regardless of your preference - cloud, hybrid, or on-premises solutions - the service you receive will always be top-notch.

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