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  • Will we encounter unexpected/additional costs during the transition to the cloud?

    In fact, the formula is quite simple; to avoid encountering unexpected costs during the transition to the cloud, proper planning is essential. This will be possible through the experience and expertise of the chosen Cloud Service Provider. Simply having years of experience in the field is not sufficient. Additionally, a deep understanding of the customer's industry and the IT products they use is crucial. Pre-planning for Cloud Migration Strategies before the transition is a vital factor for success. Another critical factor is employing Expert Personnel. Periodic difficulties can arise, and encountering problems due to the inability to maintain expertise is a common issue. As a solution to all of these, if we are transitioning to the cloud with proper planning, migration strategy, and expert technical personnel, we should not expect any unexpected costs. As a leading local service provider, vMind guarantees that you will not encounter any negativity or surprises during the transition to the cloud, thanks to its expert team, years of experience, and various sector applications.
  • Our company data is safer locally, why should I migrate to the cloud?

    Data has become our most valuable asset today. Therefore, extra measures need to be taken for its security. The security measures taken are more important than where the data is stored. Borders are not significant for hackers; cybersecurity measures to prevent them are crucial. If you have established a more secure infrastructure than what a Cloud Provider with professional security teams provides 24/7, and if you can allocate a budget to ensure its continuity, then keeping it on local servers will ensure more safety. However, under today's conditions, it will be quite challenging both in terms of cost and finding expert personnel and ensuring their continuity. As a solution to the problem, it can be said that leaving the Security, which is one of the main tasks of a Cloud Service Provider, to the experts would be more appropriate. With vMind's servers equipped with high-security standards, global certifications, and 100% compliance with regulations, along with its expert team equipped with the latest information, vMind provides optimal solutions.

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