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Storage as a Service

Storage as a Service (STaaS) offered by portvMind is a solution designed to meet your long-term data storage needs. This service combines speed, security, and cost advantages to make a significant contribution to efficient long-term data management.

How does Storage as a Service work?

portvMind provides a unique data storage solution that supports API access with S3 protocols, enabling object-based storage. This allows users to store their data in a standardized and structured manner.

Customers can easily access and securely manage their data anytime and anywhere. Additionally, portvMind's STaaS solution includes advanced security features for data backup and protection. This allows businesses to safely store their critical data and access it quickly when needed.

Advantages of choosing Storage as a Service and portvMind

"The right destination for customized cloud solutions tailored to your needs, transition to the secure cloud with portvMind."

Fast Data Access Fast Data Access
Secure Data Storage Secure Data Storage
Cost Advantage Cost Advantage
API Access and Object-Based Storage API Access and Object-Based Storage

Storage as a Service Use cases

  • 1-Healthcare Sector...
    A secure solution for long-term archiving of imaging systems. An ideal platform for protecting sensitive health data and providing access when needed.
  • 2-Film and Production Industry...
    Offers extensive storage space for lossless archiving of raw footage and processed versions. Accessibility from anywhere enables effective management of production inventories.
  • 3-Invoice and Valuable Document Archiving...
    Provides economical and secure solutions for long-term archiving needs dictated by regulatory requirements or institutional policies. Minimizes the risk of critical documents being lost.
  • 4-Cold Archiving...
    An ideal platform for hosting cold data archives that do not require performance. Safely stores cold data with unlimited resources thanks to its device and location-independent structure.

Make data management more efficient and secure. Get ready for the future with portvMind STaaS!

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