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Founded in 2013, vMind is the preferred IT partner of the world's leading organizations with flexible, high-quality solutions tailored to the needs of businesses.

Founded in 2013 with a vision to pioneer the advancement of the sector and with 100% domestic capital, vMind distinguishes itself from its competitors with its end-to-end IT solutions, proprietary cloud brand, and professional managed services.

Successfully delivering highly customized cloud services under the brand "portvMind" vMind introduced its "portvMind-Express" brand in 2019, offering Turkey's cost-effective and easily accessible community cloud platform, bringing Public Cloud services to its customers. Starting operations abroad in 2020, through its subsidiary "vMindJV" it extends all these services to a wide geography, including our country. With the aim of enabling businesses of all scales to take more stable and planned steps in the digitized world, vMind has become the provider of this high-value-added product, a new generation cloud-based sales automation and process management software called "vRPMind" as a "SaaS" provider.


vMind boasts strong references across 22 different sectors, including national, international, SMEs, and various scales of companies, as well as governmental institutions.

Thanks to its transparent customer relationship management, strong business ecosystem, innovative approach, and a robust technical team with international experience, vMind can handle up to 90% of companies' IT workloads in their digitalization journey without the need for external assistance.
According to the results of the Bilişim 500 research, vMind has been the leader in Cloud Computing in Turkey for the past four years with its portvMind cloud brand.

Our Corporate Culture and Values:

  • Learning is our institutional culture.
  • We adapt to change quickly.
  • We create value and benefit.
  • We prioritize ethical values.
  • We strive for excellence.
  • We fulfill our responsibilities for a sustainable ecosystem.

Our Vision

To be a pioneer and leader in the development of the managed services and cloud computing sector, while maintaining our commitment to culture and the environment in the countries where we operate.

Our Mission

Like a tailor, to provide innovative, high-quality, sustainable, and always customer-focused solutions to organizations, enabling them to be ready for both today's and tomorrow's needs.

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