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Cloud Server

With our service approach that can offer customized solutions to each organization, we can preserve your valuable data in the most secure manner and provide you with a competitive advantage with our portvMind cloud server services.

How Does Cloud Server Work?

Cloud server services have become a standard solution for companies of all sizes today to optimize their business processes and securely store their valuable data. The increase in data volume, sensitivity to the protection of personal data, and the increasing regulations have made it mandatory for every company to securely preserve its data. portvMind Cloud Server Services have been developed to meet this need, offering a solution with high security standards, continuous availability, and reliable backup options.

With our effective service approach on a global scale, portvMind Cloud Services are preferred not only in Turkey but also by firms abroad. Our extensive customer portfolio at a global level is an indicator of the quality of service we provide. With years of experience in information technology, portvMind is one of the leading players in the industry. This long-standing experience and quality approach allow us to provide our customers with the best and most up-to-date technologies.

Cloud Server Preference and portvMind Advantages

"portvMind Cloud Server: Reliable, Flexible, and High-Performance Cloud Service"

3 Different Data Centers 3 Different Data Centers
24/7 Monitoring and Intervention 24/7 Monitoring and Intervention
99.999% Uptime 99.999% Uptime

Cloud Server Use cases

  • 1-Collaborative Development Environments...
    In environments where companies require a shared working platform for all their developers, it is an ideal solution to optimize production processes and reduce costs.
  • 2-Application Servers...
    Businesses that prioritize scalability and cost optimization prefer Cloud Servers to quickly deploy their web or mobile applications.
  • 3-Backup Servers...
    Institutions with backup needs stemming from financial, operational, or business continuity reasons use Cloud Servers to establish and manage their own virtual server infrastructure.
  • 4-Streaming and VOIP Servers...
    Commercial firms requiring online meetings or virtual PBX systems can effectively manage their business processes by setting up their server inventory.

Industry leaders trust vMind Cloud

Choose portvMind for cloud solutions that meet your needs like industry leaders do, experience high performance and security together.

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We offer customized solutions to our customers by bringing together the necessary technology and services.

With vMind, regardless of your preference - cloud, hybrid, or on-premises solutions - the service you receive will always be top-notch.

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