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Dedeman Holding Group is a leading accommodation and mining company operating in 15 provinces in 3 different countries, with 3,206 rooms and a capacity of 6,204 beds. The primary goals of Dedeman Hotels and Resorts International's IT departments are to ensure system sustainability, provide uninterrupted service 24/7, adapt new technologies to their systems, and ensure maximum security measures. Dedeman has decided to overcome the challenges brought by distributed architectural structures, centralize its operations, and leverage the capabilities of vMind Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş. , Turkey's leading local cloud service provider, to ensure efficiency and maximum security.

Company: Dedeman Holding
Products and Services: portvMind Cloud, VMind Managed Services, IT Consulting
Sector: Hospitality and Mining
Country: Turkey


When planning its growth strategy, Dedeman Group encountered many challenges due to its decentralized architecture, which was difficult to manage. They realized the need to transform their infrastructure into a scalable, easily standardized, and rapidly adaptable structure that meets maximum security standards to increase operational efficiency and provide seamless services to their expanding hotel portfolios. The existing in-house data centers were outdated, and investing in new servers and storage systems was both costly and burdensome.


Dedeman Holding decided to collaborate with vMind to overcome these challenges. They recognized vMind's expertise in private cloud solutions and believed that transitioning to a more flexible and scalable cloud environment would meet their needs. vMind positioned itself at the heart of Dedeman Group's IT processes, significantly reducing the team's workload. They began by migrating their servers, storage, and backup systems to vMind's private cloud, ensuring smooth and secure operations in their expanding business networks. Subsequently, they moved their hospitality systems to the portvMind private cloud environment, offering a 99% uptime guarantee.


The collaboration with vMind and the portvMind cloud solution provided several benefits to Dedeman Holding:

Advanced Scalability: With vMind's private cloud, Dedeman Holding achieved advanced scalability and flexibility. They can easily accommodate their expanding hotel portfolios without experiencing downtime or data loss. The cloud environment enables them to scale their operations seamlessly, without limitations, by providing the necessary resources on-demand, allowing them to grow or shrink their operations as needed.

Increased Performance and Security: Leveraging the vMind infrastructure, Dedeman Holding achieved higher performance and reliability compared to their previous in-house server infrastructure. They observed that systems hosted on vMind servers outperformed their local servers. This improvement in performance contributed to employee satisfaction and enabled them to provide guests with more secure and high-quality services.

Centralized Management and Standardization: Dedeman Holding centralized its IT operations, making it easier to implement and enforce company-wide standards and protocols. They can quickly distribute updates, manage security measures, and ensure consistent IT practices across both existing and new hotels. The partnership with vMind enabled Dedeman Holding to streamline its IT operations and maintain consistent performance across the hotel network.

Cost-Effectiveness: It has been proven that adopting vMind's cloud services' pay-as-you-go model is cost-effective for Dedeman Holding. They no longer need to make significant upfront investments for hardware and infrastructure upgrades. Instead, they can scale resources according to their needs, reduce unnecessary expenses, and optimize their IT budgets.


Dedeman Holding and vMind Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş. enabled Dedeman Holding to overcome the challenges posed by its decentralized IT infrastructure. By transitioning to a centralized private cloud environment, they achieved enhanced scalability, increased performance, improved security, and simplified IT management across their hotel networks. Dedeman Holding continues to work with vMind to maintain its commitment to innovation and sustainability in the hospitality sector and to implement future projects.

Director of Information Technologies Dedeman Holding Group

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