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Established in 1972, Ermetal Group operates with six companies under its umbrella: Ermetal Automotive, Bürosit, Office Equipment, Er Food Industry, Plasmot Automotive Plastics, and BenMaker Vehicle Equipment Manufacturing Factory.

Company: Ermetal Group
Products and Services: Virtualization, Business Continuity, Backup, Disaster Recovery, vMind Cloud, Managed Services, Support and Consultancy, Outsourcing
Sector: Automotive, Manufacturing
Country: Turkey


The company operates in a niche field with limited IT manpower within its continuously evolving structure. Alongside operational challenges, such as planning IT investments, keeping up with technological advancements, and implementing maximum security measures, the company must also manage the time and cost impact involved in establishing an always up-to-date, accessible, uninterrupted, and sustainable IT infrastructure.

Ermetal Group, with a team of 14 IT professionals serving 600 computer users, decided to invest in server and storage infrastructure in 2017. They began discussions with cloud service providers. The company's primary expectation is to establish a hybrid cloud structure with a service provider capable of understanding its existing infrastructure and providing flexible solutions tailored to it, as well as having niche application experience to manage support and maintenance processes.


Acceleration in IT operations, interoperability between systems, zero downtime, business continuity, performance improvement, maximum security, accessibility from anywhere at any time, redundant and up-to-date systems, professional technical team support, and systems compatible with current technology.

Ermetal Group operates as a single entity, benefiting from vMind managed services, IT consultancy, and human resources services. They manage their processes and data by leveraging the portvMind cloud service, hosted on vMind servers that adhere to world standards, ensuring maximum security measures, always up-to-date, and uninterrupted service. They fulfill various solutions and services such as cloud transition, backup, disaster recovery, etc., through this platform.

With portvMind, the Ermetal IT team has significantly expanded, growing from a team of 14 to 60 individuals. This expansion has transformed them into a fast and professional solution-oriented structure, capable of delivering rapid and effective solutions.


  • Operational convenience
  • Performance
  • Expert technical human resource support working with a single team spirit
  • Active support and consultancy compatible with niche business structure
  • Continuity
  • Business continuity
  • Global Brands, Optimal Solutions, Maximum Security
  • Professional, experienced technical support and consultancy
  • Cost Advantage
  • Flexibility
  • Time



For approximately 5 years, we have been managing scenarios such as cloud transition, cloud management, backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity together with portvMind, receiving support and consultancy services. We were able to smoothly and quickly complete our system transition according to the planned timelines. Whenever we encountered any issues, we could always receive prompt support, and with the human resources provided through vMind, we work as an effective and efficient IT team. With the support provided by portvMind, we experience performance improvements in all our systems. Managing storage, virtualization, and other infrastructures with vMind allows us to focus on our critical tasks. We are happy to have a reliable team by our side, and we will continue working with vMind, delivering solutions more efficiently with professional teams in a shorter time frame.

Ermetal Group of Companies / Information Technologies & Systems Manager

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