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vMind, Turkey's leading cloud service provider and IT system integrator, and GreenTech, a pioneer in the field of Green IT technologies and adding value to the sector with the applications they develop, announced that they have signed an important collaboration in the field of cloud.

With this important collaboration, Green Tech will offer portvMind's global standards and high-quality cloud solutions to its customers with advantageous packages, while also presenting its own developed applications to the global IT market with an agile and scalable experience by taking advantage of the high-performance servers of the portvMind Cloud platform. vMind offers its Green Tech expertise, known for its successful projects in data centers, system rooms and infrastructure solutions that reflect the environmentally friendly, sustainable technologies standard, which is one of the basic value propositions of its company culture, focusing on green information technologies, and the applications developed in portvMind cloud infrastructures, with a value-added structuring as a service to its customers. will be offering.


vMind founder Volkan Duman; “We have recently been making serious investments and continuous modernizations on our cloud services brand, portvMind, especially in big data, high-performance solutions, cyber security, identity and access control, in short, to continue to be a “Secure and Flexible Cloud platform”. We continue to provide end-to-end solutions, including managed services, with the engineering solutions we have developed within Teknopark.

As both a hundred percent domestic producer and one of the leading players in the cloud industry in Turkey; We have equipped our cloud services with pro-active security systems to ensure maximum performance. We offer our value-added services flexibly to our business partners who choose us, and on the other hand, we continue to actively raise awareness in this field with our "Accurate, reliable and efficient digital transformation" consultancy.

We aim to use this power in popularizing digitalization to the fullest, to enable businesses to use constantly changing and developing technological tools and equipment more efficiently, and to present all this expansion with the philosophy of "data security first" and sustainable technologies.

Green Tech, which has undertaken successful projects in the field of green information technologies, was one of the valuable business partners from which vMind currently receives infrastructure services in data center projects, and with this cooperation, it has become a strategic business partner with which it will cooperate mutually in cloud technologies. Our goal is to offer a unique experience to our customers by bringing together our country's strengths in the field of technology.

Green Tech Founder Taner Önol;

As Green Tech, we work to lead in the fields of sustainable technology and green IT and to popularize nature-friendly data center, system and infrastructure solutions. This collaboration with vMind will enable us to offer our customers environmentally friendly and innovative solutions, while also offering cloud solutions, one of the technologies that make the biggest contribution to sustainable living, with PortvMind's maximum performance servers that comply with global standards and the expertise of the vMind team. As Green Tech, we also plan to offer a user-friendly and integrated structure to our customers by implementing the applications we develop on vMind cloud platforms. With the strength of this collaboration, we will contribute to Turkey's digital transformation process and continue to be a pioneer in the sector.

Being a privileged member of the vMind ecosystem is an indication of the efforts of Turkey's leaders in the technology sector to come together to provide better service to the market and produce innovative solutions. Both vMind and Green Tech will continue to work determinedly to meet the needs of their customers and help them grow their businesses.

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