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vMind and ADEO Cyber Security Partnership for MDR - Managed Detection and Response Service

vMind, Turkey's leading cloud service provider and IT system integrators, along with ADEO, one of Turkey's prominent managed cybersecurity service providers, announced their partnership in the field of MDR (Managed Detection and Response).

vMind and ADEO executives announced that through this partnership, they will provide ADEO MDR and high-level cybersecurity services to their customers 'As a Service', either on portvMind's high-performance infrastructure or on-premise, thereby enabling the high standards provided by portvMind's existing platforms to extend to systems outside of portvMind. They stated that the collaborative efforts of the portvMind and ADEO teams will deliver value-added cybersecurity services with proactive monitoring, continuous surveillance, and the strength derived from the oversight of two different companies. As a result of this partnership, vMind, as an ADEO partner, will now offer security services in an "As a Service" model to customers who seek additional comprehensive services, providing a single point of management, maximum security level, cost advantages, and a widely accessible service package.

vMind founder Volkan Duman stated, "We have been making significant investments and continuous modernizations on our cloud services brand, portvMind, especially in recent times, to continue being a 'Secure and Flexible Cloud platform', focusing on areas such as big data, high-performance solutions, cybersecurity, identity and access control. With the engineering solutions we have developed within the Technopark, we continue to provide end-to-end solutions, including managed services. As one of the leading players and a hundred percent local manufacturer in the cloud sector in Turkey, we have equipped our cloud services with proactive security systems to ensure maximum performance. We offer our business partners value-added services in a flexible manner and, at the same time, effectively create awareness in this field through our consultancy services for 'Right, reliable, and efficient digital transformation'."

Our goal is to fully leverage the power of widespread digitization, enabling businesses to use constantly evolving technological tools and resources more efficiently, and to promote this widespread adoption with the philosophy of "data security first." In this process, we hope that IT decision-makers will decide to transition to "Secure Cloud" structures with the most appropriate modeling, and we aspire for this awareness to increasingly take root throughout our country.

Security rules and the solutions they provide are critical issues for service providers that essentially function as digital banks. In addition to cybersecurity, monitoring, analyzing, interpreting, intervening in security incidents within the infrastructure, continuing improvement efforts by making necessary notifications, and obtaining this service from the right service provider is one of the strategic priorities for companies today. Currently, there are many solutions that provide SOC (Security Operation Center) and NOC (Network Operation Center) services, and companies can track and analyze attacks and incidents occurring in their systems and networks, record logs through Security Operation or Network Operation centers. However, to monitor, interpret, and prevent this 24/7, and determine what needs to be done is possible with MDR, which is the future perspective of cybersecurity. It has become essential for each process to be carried out and monitored by a completely professional and focused team for sustainability. As portvMind, in addition to our own teams, we use Adeo MDR solution as a third eye, and thus, we can provide up-to-date security solutions to all our customers, whether they use our cloud solution or not.

Duman stated, "By partnering with ADEO, a leading local service provider in its field, we aimed to make our high standards accessible to our customers by combining them with theirs. The main purpose of this partnership is to provide the secure environment we offer in the portvMind environment to systems outside of portvMind, whether they are our existing customers or not. We aim to do this with proactive monitoring, continuous effort, and the expertise and knowledge of two different companies. Here, the portvMind and ADEO teams complement each other, providing security services to customers or potential customers who want more in-depth additional services through the 'As a Service' model. We believe that this collaboration will help more organizations achieve a high level of security.

Halil Öztürkci, ADEO Cyber Security's Deputy General Manager responsible for Strategy, stated, "As ADEO Cyber Security, one of the world's top 250 Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) offering end-to-end cybersecurity services to its clients, we consider it a significant responsibility to continuously expand our collaboration scope. Since our establishment, we have been providing cybersecurity services to over 1000 clients in Turkey and the MENA region, and through the value-added joint projects we have undertaken, we are able to disseminate the know-how of leading brands in the industry to wider audiences. This flow of knowledge and technology enables us to provide an active, dynamic, and continuous cybersecurity service rather than a passive, static, or intermittent one. We are excited about our latest collaboration with portvMind and look forward to working with another industry leader."

Öztürkci stated, "In the field of MDR, as we strive to always find the ideal solutions for our users and ensure they can access these solutions easily, we have conducted extensive work with Turkey's leading cloud provider and IT system integrator, portvMind, on what we can achieve together in the As a Service model. With this collaboration, we are ready to offer the combined service strength of two companies in an integrated manner. Cyber threats are increasing every day, and defending against these attacks is becoming increasingly challenging. It is precisely at this point that our customers become much more resilient to cyber-attacks thanks to a proven technology and a team of experts operating a detection and response process 24/7, provided together as a unified cyber defense line."

Öztürkci stated, "I am confident that this collaboration will achieve long-term success, as we combine our cybersecurity management capabilities with the interactive observation and controls of two experienced teams, garnering very positive responses."

About vMind:

Since 2013, vMind has been operating in countries with a vision of respect for culture and the environment, positioning itself as a preferred IT partner for leading organizations worldwide. With a vision of pioneering the industry's development, vMind sets itself apart from competitors through its own cloud brand, "portvMind," and professional managed services. vMind offers highly customized cloud services under the portvMind brand, while providing SMEs with a cost-effective, easily accessible cloud platform option under the portvMind Express brand. Additionally, through its vMindJV subsidiary, the company can seamlessly deliver all these services across a vast geographic area, including our country.

vMind has strong references across 22 different sectors, including national and international companies, SMEs, various-scale enterprises, and public institutions.

vMind, with its transparent customer relationship management, strong business ecosystem, innovative approach, and a robust technical team with international experience, can address up to 90% of companies' IT workloads in their digitalization journey without needing assistance from others.

About ADEO Cyber Security

ADEO Cyber Security, with its team consisting entirely of Turkish engineers and technology consultants who have in-depth experience and expertise in both public and private sectors in Istanbul and Ankara offices, provides end-to-end cybersecurity services to its domestic and international clients and business partners. ADEO, which is the first and leading company in Turkey in MDR, is ranked among the top 250 MSSPs in the world according to the rankings prepared by MSSP Alert. Offering services such as cyber incident response, managed cybersecurity services, digital forensics services, risk & compliance, red team, purple team, and blue team primarily to over 1000 private sector companies and public institutions in Turkey and the MEA Region, especially in finance, telecommunications, energy, e-commerce, and manufacturing.

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