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Turna.com was founded by Dr. Kadir Kırmızı in 2014. As a member of TÜRSAB, an online travel agency that facilitates ticket purchasing and reservation processes for airplane tickets, bus tickets, and hotel reservations through its website and mobile applications.

Starting its operations with airplane ticket sales in 2015, Turna.com began selling bus tickets as of July 2020 and launched its hotel reservation category as of June 2022. It introduced several pioneering services in the industry, such as the Unconditional Ticket Cancellation Service, allowing for a 90% refund on tickets canceled up to 2 hours before the flight, and the Smart Flight feature, which connects airlines without agreements to create alternative transfer routes. Additionally, by introducing the Smart Trip feature, it connected cities without direct bus routes, thus offering alternative routes to customers. Turna.com has been at the forefront of implementing many innovative services in its field.

Company: Turna.com
Products and Services: portvMind Cloud, vMind Managed Services, IT Consulting
Sector: Tourism and Travel
Country: Turkey


An online travel platform serving millions of customers simultaneously, 24/7 uninterrupted, and having to manage fluctuating customer volumes during advertising and campaign periods, requires a technologically advanced infrastructure with maximum security measures, high performance, scalability, always up-to-date, accessible, and sustainable IT infrastructure in line with world standards, considering the time and cost implications alongside uncertainties encountered in planning IT investments.

Turna.com, operating in the travel sector through online sales platforms, consistently increasing its site visit rates through innovative approaches and campaigns, requires maximum security against continuously increasing cyber attacks and a sustainable, uninterrupted, high-performance IT infrastructure that provides business continuity and necessary flexibility to address seasonal fluctuations in customer volume.

Meeting its IT needs requires significant time investment, professional team support, and accurate planning of IT investments. After conducting research, the company is considering the "Cloud" solution due to its operational convenience, maximum security, and performance advantages.


Maximum security, sustainable performance, flexibility, zero downtime, redundancy and up-to-date systems, compatibility with disaster scenarios, business continuity, agile development, accessibility from anywhere at any time, professional technical team support, technology-compliant and world-standard systems.

Turna.com benefits from the portvMind cloud solution, managed services, and IT consultancy services to work seamlessly with vMind. Leveraging the portvMind cloud service, it hosts its processes and data on portvMind servers with world-standard, maximum security measures, high performance, always up-to-date, uninterrupted, and with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. All IT infrastructure needs and expert information technology consultancy are met through vMind and portvMind.

Turna.com has acquired a high-standard equipment, hardware, technological knowledge, and experienced IT team and infrastructure through the portvMind cloud service, vMind Managed Services, and IT Consultancy. As one of the internet companies constantly targeted by attacks, Turna.com has ensured maximum security and performance even during significant advertising and campaign periods. Especially during these periods of fluctuating visitor volumes, it has maintained a scalable IT plan that can be planned and scaled without interruption, knowing what it can expect in return and being flexible. Regardless of fluctuations in visitor numbers or any technical issues, Turna.com can provide uninterrupted service to its customers at a certain level of performance through the portvMind cloud service. Additionally, with the vMind guarantee of adhering to necessary procedures in the event of disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires, etc., the organization can focus on its business without sustainability concerns.

  • High Security
  • Performance Improvement
  • Flexibility
  • Planned IT Investment
  • Uninterrupted Operations
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Global Brands, Optimal Solutions
  • Professional, Experienced Technical Team


We are extremely pleased with the collaboration with vMind and the advantages provided by the portvMind cloud service at Turna.com. We will continue to expand our efforts both as a system integrator and as a provider of portvMind cloud services in the coming years.

Founder of Turna.com

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