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Established in 1983, Valfsan started its operations as a manufacturer of shock absorber and compressor components. Over the years, they expanded their product range to include flat springs and valve plates to meet different customer needs.

Today, Valfsan has evolved into a leading global supplier, serving prestigious clients worldwide.
The company, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, operates in a facility spanning approximately 5,500 square meters with around 450 skilled employees. Their annual production exceeds 200 million units, with over 80% being exported to more than 20 countries.

Company: Valfsan
Products and Services: portvMind Cloud, vMind Managed Services, IT Consulting
Sector: Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
Country: Turkey


Due to Valfsan's steady growth, expanding production volume, and customer base, it needed to enhance its operational efficiency and invest in information technology to provide seamless, uninterrupted IT services to both internal and external customers. Improving its server infrastructure was essential to meet these needs and to ensure maximum security standards, high performance, accessibility from anywhere, and easy management. However, the traditional approach to transforming infrastructure into such a structure was costly and resource-intensive. The optimal solution lay in cloud solutions, but there was a bias against them within the company due to security concerns.

During this process, the company came into contact with vMind and, after conducting comprehensive research and reference checks, overcame its biases against cloud solutions. As a result, they decided to work with vMind's expert team on the project.


Comprehensive Planning, Seamless Transition to the Cloud, Network and Security Enhancements, Operational Ease, Efficiency, High Performance, Professional IT Consulting

Before proceeding with the transition to the cloud, Valfsan collaborated with vMind for two months to comprehensively plan the transition. Throughout this preparation phase, the vMind team provided unwavering support by addressing all questions and concerns. The actual transition to the cloud was completed in just one week. During this stage, vMind ensured the secure storage and backup of Valfsan's data in two different locations, instilling confidence in both the company and its customers.

Additionally, Valfsan's existing network and infrastructure were outdated. Throughout this process, vMind provided support and consultancy, assisting Valfsan in modernizing its network infrastructure by upgrading its existing devices. vMind engineers offered valuable insights and successfully executed projects, enabling Valfsan's IT team to focus more on their core responsibilities with their support and accurate solutions.


The collaboration with vMind and the portvMind cloud solution provided several benefits to Valfsan:

Effective Communication: Strong communication between Valfsan and vMind significantly contributed to the success of the transition to the cloud. vMind's accessibility, 24/7 support, and ability to provide solutions in a language understandable to Valfsan facilitated an efficient partnership.

Knowledge Exchange: Valfsan emphasizes that working with vMind has enhanced its understanding of cloud technologies and operations. Additionally, they highlight the significant value added by vMind in educating the Valfsan team with a unified team spirit regarding the new devices used in system upgrades. The symbiotic knowledge exchange has enhanced the expertise of both teams and facilitated smoother project implementation.

Increased Efficiency: Following the successful transition, Valfsan witnessed a significant increase in performance. With vMind handling IT-related support, Valfsan's internal team could focus more on their core tasks and became capable of achieving more with fewer resources.

Rapid Adaptation to the Pandemic: When the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, Valfsan's transition to remote work was seamless thanks to their adoption of the cloud. The location-independent cloud infrastructure enabled company teams to effectively continue their business processes from their homes.


Valfsan's cloud transformation, supported by vMind, has turned into a major success. Overcoming initial hesitations, Valfsan not only modernized its infrastructure but also embraced cloud technology that enhanced productivity and efficiency. The strong partnership with vMind and effective communication enabled Valfsan to confidently navigate the challenges of transitioning to the cloud and continue operating smoothly even in unprecedented times.

Looking ahead, Valfsan plans to involve vMind in future projects, considering them an integral part of their team and a reliable partner in their ongoing technological journey.

Serkan SEFER

Valfsan Information Technologies Manager


Serkan SEFER
Valfsan Bilgi Teknolojileri Müdürü

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