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Founded as a technology startup at İTÜ ARI Teknokent with the support of TÜBİTAK BİGG in 2016, RePG Energy Systems operates in the innovative renewable energy systems sector. It produces products that generate electricity from waste heat and low-temperature waste heat, as well as heating-cooling and water production. With a total of 47 patent applications, 7 of which are registered, both nationally and internationally, RePG Energy operates in four different locations in Istanbul and Bursa. RePG Energy Systems A.Ş. undertakes an important mission to reduce our country's and the world's CO2 footprint with its innovative solutions and innovative approaches in renewable energy systems.

Company: RePG Enerji
Utilized Solutions and Services: portvMind Cloud, vMind Managed Services, IT Consulting, IT Outsourcing
Industry: Energy
Country: Turkey

In a constantly growing company, the challenges of planning IT investments are compounded by the need to keep up with technological advancements while maintaining maximum security measures. Ensuring an up-to-date, accessible, uninterrupted, and world-class sustainable IT infrastructure comes with time and cost implications. As RePG Enerji, a company experiencing steady growth due to its innovative approaches in the renewable energy sector, navigates through the continuously evolving landscape of information technology, it requires hardware, software, and IT personnel to meet its needs.

Meeting these needs requires having software, hardware, IT infrastructure, and human resources that can adapt to the changing scale of the company while also providing technology capable of meeting long-term requirements. This entails a significant investment in time, professional team support, and financial investment.


Agile developments, zero downtime, maximum security, always accessible from anywhere, redundant and up-to-date systems, professional technical team support, technology-compliant and world-class systems. RePG Enerji collaborates with vMind as a single team, benefiting from vMind managed services, IT consulting, and staffing services. By utilizing portvMind cloud services, it hosts its processes and data on portvMind servers, which are always up-to-date, uninterrupted, and maintained with maximum security measures in line with world standards. All IT needs and the requirement for an expert IT team are met through vMind and portvMind.


Through vMind Managed Services, IT Consulting, and portvMind cloud services, RePG Enerji has gained access to a highly skilled IT team and infrastructure with world-class equipment, hardware, technological expertise, and experience. It accesses all of these IT services as if RePG Energy were hosting them internally. In reality, vMind and RePG Energy work as one integrated company. Therefore, we can see the satisfaction of all our employees in achieving maximum efficiency and optimal cost. With a significant time advantage, we can focus on our core business.


As RePG Enerji, we are pleased with the benefits we have gained from our collaboration with vMind, and we are eager to continue our work both as a system integrator and as a provider of portvMind cloud services in the coming years.


Director of Manufacturing Plant -RePG Enerji

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