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For the past four years, being the consecutive leader in the Bilişim 500 Local Service Provider Cloud Category has been very valuable to us. First and foremost, we must say that the success we have achieved as vMind and the success stories we have realized have provided us with the motivation to strive for even better. Our company's innovative approach, customer-focused flexible solutions, our professional technical team, and the contribution of our global solution partners used in our portvMind structure all play a significant role in the quality of service we provide. 

At this point, it is worth mentioning Dell Technologies products, especially. In fact, the relationship between Dell and vMind dates back long before the establishment of our company. We have significant technical expertise and field experience in almost all Dell product lines. Dell is one of the primary products and brands we use in our data center infrastructure from the inception of portvMind. Especially, storage, backup devices and software, replication software and hardware, virtualization, and network equipment play a significant role in our infrastructure. While providing end-to-end support for our customers' Dell infrastructures, having devices in portvMind for replication and operation significantly simplifies our work in these areas.

We promise our customers the highest service quality in many areas such as the latest technology, maximum security and performance, business continuity, and operational ease with our cloud services. Therefore, we must have a structure that operates 24/7 in portvMind. Reliable and continuous support (spare parts, service, etc.) is as important as the quality of the devices we use in our infrastructure. In this regard, Dell Technologies' product quality and service quality being at a very good level elevate us to high standards in our work. We believe that this strong and effective collaboration, which dates back long before our establishment, will continue to reflect as value-added service both for us as a company and for the industry in the future periods.

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