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PAM (Privileged Access Management)

vMind offers a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution designed to control, manage, detect, and restrict privileged access to critical resources, providing protection against cyber threats.

What is PAM (Privileged Access Management)?

PAM tracks who uses privileged accounts and what they do when they log in.

By restricting and controlling access, PAM increases system security and reduces the likelihood of data breaches. vMind, with its industry knowledge and expertise, will help you integrate PAM in accordance with the specific needs of your business.

Advantages of Using PAM for Your Business

vMind integrates the PAM solution tailored to your business's specific security needs and assists you in protecting your company with continuously updated threat countermeasures.

Enhanced Information Security Enhanced Information Security
Stability and Threat Resilience Stability and Threat Resilience
High Efficiency High Efficiency
Automation and Integration Automation and Integration

Contributions of PAM to Your Business Security

  • 1-Safeguards Privileged Access...
    Access to critical systems and data is controlled, monitored, and managed by privileged users.
  • 2-Controls External and Internal Accounts...
    It effectively manages both privileged accounts from external sources and those within the organization.
  • 3-Tracks and Analyzes Activities...
    It meticulously tracks privileged user activities, detects abnormal activities, and generates reports.
  • 4-Provides Two-Factor Authentication...
    It enhances security by adding a strong authentication layer for accessing sensitive resources.
  • 5-Records Privileged Sessions...
    It records all privileged sessions, providing auditability.

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