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PAM as a Service

Privileged Access Management as a Service (PAMaaS) is a cloud-based service aimed at managing and securely protecting privileged access. This service provides organizations with a comprehensive solution for managing privileged accounts and access to critical systems and data.

How Does Privileged Access Management as a Service (PAMaaS) Work?

Organizations opting for PAM as a service can delegate the operational burden of managing these security measures to a specialized provider like portvMind. Along with this cost-effective approach, companies gain access to the latest security practices to protect their critical systems and data from unauthorized access and breaches.

portvMind Privileged Access Management as a Service (PAMaaS) is designed to help organizations mitigate security risks associated with privileged access. Among the features and capabilities offered by this service are:

Preference for PAM as a Service and PortvMind Advantages

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Privileged Account Management Privileged Account Management
Access Control and Monitoring Access Control and Monitoring
Need-Based Access Need-Based Access
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Session Recording and Playback Session Recording and Playback
Password Vault Password Vault
Automatic Password Rotation Automatic Password Rotation
Role-Based Access Control Role-Based Access Control
Integration with Other Security Solutions Integration with Other Security Solutions

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