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Indeed PAM software has been updated to Version 2.6. The new release includes many improvements and new features that facilitate event log analysis and enhance account management capabilities.

*Searching within all sessions

The updated text search feature allows you to quickly find entered commands. The search is performed within all session logs. This feature will help respond to potential threats. Additionally, in case of entering unusual commands, threats can be detected in a timely manner.

*Alternative "sudo" application

When using a PAM solution, privileged users often do not have credentials. This complicates the management of *nix systems. For example, when a password is required to switch to the privileged command line (such as running the sudo command). Indeed PAM's new version offers the "pamsu" command instead of "sudo", allowing you to securely elevate privileges in SSH sessions. To elevate privileges, a PAM user must undergo two-factor authentication on their own behalf. This eliminates the need for PAM users to know privileged credentials (such as root). The "pamsu" command can be enabled or disabled in PAM policies, and if necessary, a PAM administrator can prevent users from using this feature.

*Automatic search for and removal of third-party SSH keys

Automatic detection and removal of third-party SSH keys. Indeed PAM's new version provides better control over privileged accounts on *nix systems. The new feature allows only keys generated by Indeed PAM to be used to access resources and automatically removes third-party SSH keys. Searching for unauthorized keys is a routine process, similar to searching for new accounts and password checks.

*Emergency password recovery process for PAM

“In a "Red Button" scenario, a mechanism has been developed to access passwords in the Indeed PAM database. This utility allows for the recovery of passwords for all or some privileged accounts in a situation that affects the entirety or part of the PAM system.


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