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Established in 1987, Ersel Ağır Makine continues its operations in Kocaeli, Turkey, within the Taysad Industrial Zone, spanning an area of 35,000 m2 closed and a total of 55,000 m2.

Ersel Ağır Makine designs, manufactures, and installs mineral processing plants and ore beneficiation facilities. Additionally, the company provides equipment and parts supply to various industries such as mining, energy, cement, and automotive. Its provision of turnkey plants, machinery, and equipment sales abroad contributes to increasing its global brand recognition while strengthening its position in both domestic and international markets.

Company: Ersel Ağır Makine
Products and Services: NVIDIA vGPU (Graphics Card Virtualization), Desktop Virtualization, IT Platform Modernization, IT Consultancy
Sector: Mining, Energy, Cement, Automotive, Shipbuilding, General Machinery Industries; Facility, Part, and Equipment Manufacturing and Supply
Country: Turkey


Due to the increasing demand in both domestic and international markets, Ersel Ağır Makine continues its steady growth. In response to emerging needs, such as the demand for a new IT infrastructure and issues with performance, productivity, process management, and user satisfaction in their R&D and design processes, the company must modernize its IT structure. Additionally, there is a growing need for enhanced security and performance in digital business processes.

In 2018, Ersel Ağır Makine Sanayi made the decision to invest in a new factory and, in line with the emerging need for modernization of its information technology infrastructure, began discussions with various global and local firms. The company aimed to continue its IT processes and projects with a competent firm capable of meeting its needs, accelerating its digital transformation, particularly in both infrastructure and consultancy. Rather than encountering infrastructure constraints in its digital transformation processes, the company required flexibility to focus on efficiency and technological advancements. After evaluating all options, Ersel decided to implement the project with vMind Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş. , which had provided reliable services for many years and offered the best conceptual design.


Performance improvement, scalability, efficiency, internal user satisfaction, agility, alignment with digitalization processes, acceleration in IT operations, business continuity, maximum security, professional technical team support, systems compatible with current technology, and systems meeting global standards are all benefits achieved through NVIDIA vGPU in R&D and design processes.

Ersel Ağır Makine completed the modernization of its IT infrastructure using products from NVIDIA, Palo Alto, Dell, Citrix, Cisco, and VMware, with support and consultancy from vMind Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş. . The implementation was completed in a short period of approximately 2 months following the delivery of the products.


The main reason for Ersel Ağır Makine’s preference for desktop virtualization solution is their focus on enhancing performance and efficiency without compromising on security.

The management of Ersel Heavy Machinery mentions that until recently, expecting a system to be both secure, high-performing, and efficient at the same time didn't sound very convincing," they state, "but with the desktop virtualization solution, we have strengthened our position in this regard

After implementing the NVIDIA vGPU product, Ersel Ağır Makine has resolved performance issues in its R&D and design processes. The speed issues in the software they use have been eliminated, resulting in increased business efficiency and team motivation. With this solution, the company has been able to ensure security in digital business processes while efficiently allocating resources according to changing or increasing performance needs, and even has the ability to increase resources when necessary. This has given the company the freedom to focus on efficiency and technological advancements rather than infrastructure constraints when redesigning its business processes as part of its digital transformation roadmap.

In summary, Ersel Ağır Makine, along with the NVIDIA vGPU product, has transformed its information technology infrastructure into a scalable, fast, secure, and platform-independent structure, aligning with its primary goal of new investments.


  • Increased Performance in R&D and Design Processes
  • Business Efficiency
  • Internal User Satisfaction
  • Scalability
  • Maximum Security
  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Platform-Independent Structure
  • Acceleration in IT Operations
  • Alignment with Digital Transformation Processes
  • Professional, Experienced Technical Team Support


Ersel Ağır Makine is considering renewing its existing hardware platform with the latest product family over time to adapt to increasing needs and evolving technologies, allowing them to continue with the same solutions in potential modernization projects.

Board Member, Ersel Ağır Makine

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