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vMind Technical Team Training Model - ASTD Model

For vMind, training and the continuity of education are our top priorities. As a company operating at the heart of technology, there is no luxury to say "I don't know," as you can imagine. With PortvMind "Cloud" and vMind "Managed Services" solutions, we can cover 90% of your workload on the digital transformation journey! To be able to say this, we must continuously evolve and adapt new solutions to our structure. The method we emulate to internalize knowledge at vMind is the ASTD¹ model.


(American Society for Training and Development) ¹

The ASTD method, or the Professional Competency Training and Development Model, embodies an approach that fosters the development of our staff in a master-apprentice relationship. In fact, it is a written form of what has been practiced for centuries in Anatolian geography.

In the model, certification is highly valued, and it is aimed to ensure that both the personnel and the company possess all the necessary certifications and are encouraged to do so.

The aim is for all personnel to "Take Responsibility for Their Own Careers," with mentors helping them chart their path and ensuring they progress in the right direction in the future.

Team leaders have important responsibilities, including continuously reviewing and updating their own knowledge to assist others in learning.

Sometimes, it is necessary to turn the team upside down to create the best mix. It is not possible for one person to know all the technologies. In such cases, the Team Player taking responsibility becomes the team leader and provides information to the team.

An important part of the model is peer learning. It can be defined as a teaching method in which employees help each other and transfer their knowledge and experiences to each other. In this method, employees learn by teaching each other. This process takes place under mentor supervision.

Using effective games, simulations, and activities to increase team motivation and turn learning into fun is one of our greatest assets.

Otherwise, adapting quickly to new technologies and meeting our customers' demands wouldn't be easy.

No Success is by Chance!

Gökhan Erzurumluoğlu

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