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Indeed Identity has released the new version of Privileged Access Manager. Indeed PAM v2.5 offers an advanced access policy mechanism, new features and enhancements in user and admin interfaces, and additional connectors to work seamlessly with more resources.

Let's briefly touch upon the new features that come with PAM v2.5...

New Access Policies Mechanism:

Indeed PAM uses custom policies to customize the access of authorized users to specific resources. However, the various scenarios and increasing number of applications used in our daily lives lead to emerging new requirements. In our new version, we present a highly flexible mechanism. Now, different policies can be applied to each PAM object (resources, user accounts, domains, etc.).

Now, PAM administrators can not only apply separate policies for each Indeed PAM object but also have a default PAM policy that can be applied to all Indeed PAM objects. This feature makes it easier for administrators to manage their tasks if there is no need for personalized settings for different user groups or specific resources.

New Connectors

Indeed PAM 2.5 supports the following new user and service connectors:

  • TELNET: Telnet sessions can be created and monitored using Indeed PAM.
  • CISCO: Service connections to Cisco products using IOS XE can be established using Indeed PAM.
  • Inspur BMC: User accounts in the Inspur IPMI module can now be managed using Indeed PAM.

Making multiple user connections to a resource:

Indeed PAM version 2.5 allows making multiple and different types of connections to the same resource. The PAM administrator can configure each connection to have different settings.

After approval by the PAM administrator, passwords for privileged accounts can be viewed:

People who have had the opportunity to use previous versions of Indeed PAM are familiar with policies that require administrator approval for all new privileged sessions. In Indeed PAM 2.5, the scope of operations requiring administrator approval has been expanded. Now, you can also make viewing requests for passwords of privileged account holders subject to approval.

Passwords/SSH keys are deleted when the session is terminated or in case of a saved password mismatch.

The new release of our software package includes fundamental enhancements designed to ensure the security of your privileged user accounts and PAM servers. This release also includes two significant updates.

  • All passwords/SSH keys of your privileged user accounts will be reset immediately after the session is terminated.
  • When the system detects that the saved password differs from the actual privileged account password, all passwords/SSH keys will be reset.

Other updates:

The new version of Indeed PAM includes updates designed to enhance the privileged user / PAM administrator experience.

  • You can now get a shortcut to connect to the Indeed PAM SSH Proxy server directly from the user console. All you need to do is copy the shortcut, and the SSH client command will be saved to your clipboard.
  • Lines containing session initiation or password viewing requests are now highlighted in color, making the Indeed PAM software more user-friendly.
  • Kiosk mode will be used for all HTTP/HTTPS sessions initiated through Indeed PAM. This enhances the security of all lightweight client connections to various target resources.
  • The new version also supports CEF and LEEF event formats for the Syslog server.
  • Sorting is now available on most tables in the management console.

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