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Hyper Converged​

Businesses' choice is to simplify infrastructure management, ending complex IT infrastructure management problems, managing a cloud service with ease, utilizing Edge Computing (edge units), private application services, VDI, and other similar infrastructure management.

What is Hyper-Converged?

You can shape your workload and IT strategy with vMind as Hyper Converged.

You can have one of vMind's Hyper-Converged Solutions, which provide an efficient working platform with centralized management capabilities, and the assurance of a single vendor warranty, leveraging vMind's high expertise in this architecture.
After going through the decision-making process with a Proof of Concept (PoC), based on the correct vendor, cost efficiency, optimal scaling, you can easily access all kinds of operational, maintenance, and capacity upgrade requests in the most accurate way.

Advantages of Hyper-Converged

vMind Hyper-Converged Solutions offer a solution tailored to the needs of businesses seeking unified infrastructure and flexibility. Simplify data center management by reducing complexity and make your business processes more efficient with vMind!

Integrated Infrastructure Integrated Infrastructure
Cost Effectiveness Cost Effectiveness
Rapid Deployment Rapid Deployment
Scalability Scalability

Industry leaders trust vMind Cloud

Choose portvMind for cloud solutions that meet your needs like industry leaders do, experience high performance and security together.

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