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Achieve the Most Secure Remote Access with PAM and AccMan

Attain the Most Secure Remote Access and Protect Yourself Against Threats

With the return of closure days following recent decisions, remote working methods have now become our entirely new way of doing business. So, how can we maintain our workflow at its optimum level in this new order and simultaneously protect ourselves against cyber security attacks and threats?

In our organizations' systems, it is necessary to classify employees who regularly have privileged access to information and operations as high-risk points. The disruption of secure access methods for these individuals for various reasons can lead to numerous unwanted serious issues. Identity theft attacks, data eavesdropping, and leaks can all cause headaches we'd rather avoid. In such cases, we don't want to procrastinate and risk both overwhelming our workload and facing irreversible losses due to impending disasters. So, what can be done to secure access in such situations?

How helpful will measures such as two-factor authentication for remote workers and management of privileged users be for you essentially?

You can find the tasks related to regular user authentication of Access Management (AccMan), which is Indeed Access Manager, and the scenarios they may be applicable to below:

2FA in web applications

  • 2FA in RDP
  • 2FA on VPN
  • 2FA in VDI

In addition to these scenarios, with Indeed PAM "Privileged Access Systems," you will also be able to:
Activate the 2FA system to determine access holders to critical infrastructure and increase your security score to 100%.

Enjoy complete control over sessions by determining the duration and access levels of system administrators and contractors to specific resources. Simply by deploying the PAM Gateway, you can avoid the need to share the entire infrastructure and mitigate exposure to additional risks.
Having full access to session recordings in video/text format assists in the investigation of incidents. The decision on whether the video recording will be accessible to all privileged users or only to certain ones is entirely up to you.

Why Indeed Identity and vMind services for PAM?

We offer the fastest assistance option. The easiest authentication scenario can be implemented in less than 2 hours, while Privileged Access Management (PAM) can be deployed in just 2 days.

While security remains our top priority, we also consider your budget immediately afterward. We understand that plans for two-factor authentication or implementing privileged access control may not be on your agenda and that these systems may currently strain your company's budget. Therefore, to address the issue right now, we offer a completely free trial Proof of Concept (PoC). Payment options and more detailed information about the PoC are just an email away.


  • While keeping all your employees safe, we determine the number of licenses according to your needs.
  • If you require both Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) simultaneously, with the assistance of Indeed Identity and vMind, we can provide both products simultaneously.
  • To make you as comfortable as possible, we will guide you throughout the entire process, providing free consultancy and setting up the system.
  • With the convenience of usability we offer, your employees can choose the most suitable and recognizable authentication method; SMS, push notifications, TOTP/HOTP.
  • Even for the slightest problem that may arise with vMind, we are ready to provide you with 24/7 support. Just reach out to us!

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