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Gürmen Group, which encompasses brands like Ramsey, KIP, Gökkale Süt, and Vievi, operates in various sectors including Textile Production, Textile Retail, Energy, Agriculture and Livestock, and Technology. Founded as Gürmen Giyim in London in 1972, the group relocated its production to Turkey in 1985. The first factory was established in 1989, followed by a second factory in Safranbolu in 1995. Gürmen Group has achieved success in many different fields and takes pride in being the First and Only Turkish company to join the RE100 - Renewable Energy 100 initiative.

Company: Gürmen GROUP
Products and Services: vMind System Integration, portvMind Cloud, Managed Services, IT Consulting
Sector: Textile Production, Textile Retail, Energy, Technology, Agriculture and Livestock
Country: Turkey


In a continuously growing group of companies operating in various fields such as Textile Production, Textile Retail, Energy, Technology, Agriculture, and Livestock, planning IT investments poses significant challenges. Keeping up with technological advancements while ensuring maximum security measures is essential. Maintaining an up-to-date, accessible, uninterrupted, and globally standardized sustainable IT infrastructure comes with significant challenges in terms of resources, time, and cost. Gürmen Group, which has many internal clients, faces other significant challenges during the transition of IT projects. It is essential for them to avoid interruptions in their systems during the transition phase. Additionally, they encounter performance issues such as report generation and system opening in their systems.

Gürmen Group, as part of its pre-pandemic strategy, has decided to manage its infrastructure systems through professional firms rather than establishing vertical expertise internally. After consulting with numerous global and local firms, the group has set out to continue its IT processes and projects with a company capable of meeting its needs, accelerating its digital transformation, and enhancing its operations, particularly in both infrastructure and managed services areas. In discussions, the group has concluded that vMind, as a managed services provider, can effectively support the Gürmen Group, expedite processes, provide new technologies, and even offer more value-added solutions. Therefore, they have decided to proceed with vMind for this process.


Agile developments, acceleration in digitalization processes, and IT operations entail increased speed, zero downtime, business continuity, performance enhancement, maximum security, accessibility from anywhere, redundant and up-to-date systems, professional technical team support, compatibility with current technology, and systems meeting global standards.
As the Gürmen Group, after selecting vMind Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş. , several projects were initiated for the transition. Within these projects, tests were conducted to ensure that both our internal and external customers would not be affected by any system interruptions and, at the same time, to demonstrate the high performance gains from this transition. Once the tests were successfully completed, by the beginning of 2022, the infrastructure transition for all these group companies was completed within approximately 2 hours. Frankly, as Gürmen Group, we focused on the value-added service offered by vMind, which encompasses all existing technologies, rather than just brand models. We observed that vMind could provide all the brands, models, and solutions used in our on-premise data systems, as well as alternatives and even better solutions. Based on this observation, we decided to continue our process with vMind.

We were very pleased with the competence of vMind's technical team in the project to migrate Gürmen Group's systems to a cloud-based center. Additionally, one of the most beautiful added values it provided was the increase in performance we experienced in our existing systems. After the project was completed and the transition to live operations, our internal customers actually did not feel anything regarding the transition and were very satisfied with the performance. We received very positive feedback from our business units and internal customers. They noticed the acceleration in processes such as generating and receiving reports, system startup, etc., and shared positive feedback with us regarding this acceleration.


  • Uninterrupted Operations
  • Business Continuity
  • Global Brands, Optimal Solutions
  • Professional, Experienced Technical Team Support
  • Cost Advantage
  • Flexibility
  • Time Savings
  • High Security

Within the Gürmen Group, Gürmen Teknoloji has taken on the role of a company established to generate benefits in the digital transformation of all group companies. Of course, at this point, we put a lot of effort into adding value to areas such as data layer, system layer, backup of systems, as well as IoT services and other similar services. The project we implemented with vMind has shown us that vMind's competencies in this regard and its previous projects and experiences will provide added value to us in the future. Therefore, we will consider collaborating with vMind in our future projects as well.

Şafak İNCE
Gürmen Group IT Director and Executive Board Member

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