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Global trends have necessitated the digitization and updating of all business processes for many companies today. The digital economy, automation, and information technology have become essential for achieving various advantages such as operational efficiency, healthy decision-making capacity, seamless handling of new market activities, and delivering superior quality services.

On the other hand, the importance of employee competence is rapidly increasing. The overall impact of a company's IT infrastructure and corporate IT services has become dependent on the performance of system administrators and other privileged users. The number of individuals with higher access rights and those directly affecting the smooth operation of various information systems and business processes within companies has increased. In such organizations, there is an expectation that these users will typically have privileges aligned with their official responsibilities.

Failure to properly authorize or leaving authorized individuals unchecked can be a potential source of danger, especially when high access rights are involved. Even if we overlook potential malicious actions, hacker attacks, and blatant sabotage, we need to consider numerous scenarios related to the "human factor."

For example, let's consider a situation where an employee unintentionally makes various mistakes, resulting in a server error. Regardless of whether the issue is quickly resolved or not, it is important for managers to identify the reasons for such failures and report them to the relevant departments.


Standard information security solutions that include user activity monitoring software typically either operate on individual workstations or reside on dedicated servers. These are commonly used to log and analyze events related to corporate IT infrastructure.

However, opting for such solutions may not always be the best choice due to the limitations you may encounter when your company requires privileged user monitoring. For instance, you may not be able to download and send relevant logs for further analysis from an inactive server. The resource you want to manage may be hosted on a foreign operating system that does not allow additional monitoring software installation. Alternatively, one of your privileged users may work for another organization and may be accessing your critical resources using their personal device or a device owned by another organization. In all these scenarios, installing privileged user monitoring software on workstations may prove challenging.

In such scenarios, it may not be feasible to properly monitor privileged user activity.


Having a comprehensive privileged user activity monitoring system in your company will often help you protect against serious security threats and detect such incidents. Our recommended and what we believe to be the best solution for these situations is to use Privileged Access Management (also known as Privileged User Management, Privileged Identity Management, Privileged Account Management) software packages.

By using PAM software solutions, you can establish a system to monitor administrative activity in your company.

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