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A little over a year ago, we released a brand-new update for our product, which is a powerful employee identity authentication solution. With this update, our product has been taken to the next level in employee identity authentication.

We are ready to share with you the latest stage of our Indeed AM development and present to you the new features of Indeed Access Manager Version 8.1.

Optimized User Directory Operations

To reduce the load on Active Directory or exclude unused accounts, LDAP filters can be used to allow IAM to access only specific parts of Active Directory.

Additionally, significant improvements have been made in the Indeed AM authentication server and management interface. This has greatly reduced the waiting times for end users and system administrators during interface logins, enabling system administrators to work much more efficiently.

PostgreSQL Support

In our previous versions, we had support for "Microsoft SQL Server" and "Active Directory." However, in the newly released 8.1 version, support for "PostgreSQL" has also been added.

Enhanced authentication management on user machines

By configuring policies in Indeed AM for authentication, you can prevent the use of Active Directory passwords.

“Windows Logon” modülünde, politika üzerinden engellediğiniz giriş yapma metotları görünmeyecektir.

Indeed "Key Provider" settings

In the new version, system administrators can switch between Indeed key management options such as "Push Authentication" and "OTP." This allows users to authenticate even if they cannot connect their phones to the Indeed key server.

Sistem yöneticileri, “Push Request Confirmation” özelliğini kullanıcı telefonlarında zorunlu kılarak, daha güçlü kimlik doğrulaması yapılmasını sağlayabilirler.

Kullanıcılar, parmak izi ve grafik kod denetimi metotları arasında geçiş yapabilirler.

Optimized "SAML Identity Provider" performance

In the new version, we have updated our "SAML IDP" module. The new version is much more user-friendly. Now, users no longer need to enter their "Domain" when logging in; only their username is required. Automatic login is also possible via the "Windows Password Provider.

Migrating from Indeed Access Manager 7.x

We have good news for customers using older versions of Indeed AM. You can migrate from Indeed AM 7.x versions to the current 8.1 version without losing any user data.

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