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Experience Beyond Boundaries in Managed Services and Cloud Computing with vMind!

While maintaining its commitment to the culture and environment of the countries in which it operates, vMind contributes to the advancement of the industry in the field of cloud computing with its core business of managed services and the portvMind brand. With a vision of being a pioneer and leader in the sector, vMind takes pride in the well-deserved satisfaction of over 99% of its customers, achieved through its journey dedicated to this purpose.

vMind, a next-generation enterprise that consistently achieves its growth goals through its professional team and technical expertise, provides innovative, sustainable, and customer-centric solutions and services to organizations with a tailor-made approach to meet both current and future IT needs.

Among its solutions, vMind offers remote office working platforms and disaster prevention systems, which have become standard and highly demanded due to the impact of the pandemic. Additionally, it provides service-based ERP and business intelligence applications to ensure secure and efficient environments for its customers. Through its specially designed brand, portvMindExpress, vMind also offers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) an affordable and easily accessible cloud platform option.

Established with 100% domestic investment and located within the YTU Technopark, vMind provides cloud computing solutions through its managed services and PortvMind brand. It has the capability to manage approximately 90% of your IT team's workload on your behalf.

Every institution that is a customer of vMind can choose its service preference, whether it's cloud-based, local, or hybrid. Regardless of their preferences, the quality of service they receive is always tailored to international quality standards, crafted specifically for their companies, and provided by experienced technical personnel working within vMind, with up to 99.999% uptime guarantee.

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